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 Top-selling artist Graig Kreindler portrays baseball scenes with photographic realism. To do this, he may spend months researching old photographs and films to give authenticity to his paintings. In an email to the Mickey Vernon Sports Museum, Mr. Kreindler acknowledged that he has used the dvd Ballfield to Battlefield and Back From FDR to JFK as a valuable reference for his works. That dvd was filmed and narrated by George Case and Mickey Vernon. More information on this dvd can be found on the museum’s website Graig Kreindler’s work can be found on his website.


The Mickey Vernon Sports History Museum is saluting the golden age of baseball and this country’s “Greatest Generation” with a new DVD called “Ballfield to Battlefield and Back–From FDR to JFK”.  The DVD features sixty minutes of color footage of WW II and Korean War-era major league players from 1939 through the 1950s.

More than eighty players in the DVD who served in the military, including 40 members of the Hall of Fame, are identified, along with their branch of service.  Among the Hall of Fame veterans featured are Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Bob Feller, Warren Spahn, Hank Greenberg, Jackie Robinson, and Yogi Berra.  All of those featured were professional ballplayers prior to WW II, served their country during WW II and then returned to the ballfield–Ted Williams was called to serve again during the Korean war. The DVD also features four presidents (FDR, Harry Truman, Ike, and JFK) “throwing out the first ball” in Washington DC.  There is also color footage of Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium in 1947 and of the legendary Honus Wagner when he was a coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This national treasure was filmed and narrated by two former major league players, George Case (six-time stolen base champion and four time all-star) and Mickey Vernon (two-time batting champion and seven -time all-star).  For information on how to obtain this DVD for that special fan of the WW II and Korean War era, contact Jim Vankoski at the Mickey Vernon Sports History Museum at 610-909-4919 or go to

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Jackie Robinson

This image of Jackie Robinson taken by Mickey Vernon is just one of 140 players to be found in the 60 minute DVD Ballfield to Battlefield and Back-from FDR to JFK. To see a complete list of the players click the link located just below. For more information contact

 Click here to see a list of players and coaches mentioned in the DVD

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Fredia Gibbs Closing Remarks to Harry Chaykun.

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